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25 October 2023 | Sustainability, Vineyard | Brokenwood Wines

The Great Aussie EcoVineyards Earthworm Count

Great Aussie EcoVineyards Earthworm Count

Let's talk about earthworms in the vineyard!

Earthworms are often referred to as ‘ecosystem engineers’ as they help to decompose plant material to increase plant available nutrients, aerate and create soil pores, which in turn improves soil structure and aggregate stability. Earthworms are vitally important and provide an indicator of vineyard soil health.

We recently took part in the Great Aussie EcoVineyards Earthworm Count, where we counted the number of earthworms that are longer than 25mm in an intact spade full of soil, and have been selected as one of the winners! The prize of 20L of Biocast, generously donated by Island Biologicals, will be used in the vineyard to encourage new life!



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