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Wine Fundraisers

Here at Brokenwood we're proud to support a number of community groups. We've assisted many local partners to raise much needed funds toward their projects with our fundraising programs. We aim to minimise the load on volunteers by Brokenwood doing the work, you simply need to spread the word about the campaign!

As a fundraising partner we will provide you with a unique coupon code which you can share with your contacts. This code will unlock discounts on our fundraising wine packs. We will also provide complimentary shipping, and for every case sold through your campaign we will donate $20 to your cause.

Please fill out the below booking form and contact us on - (02) 4998 7559 - or email if you would like to start a fundraiser, or if you have any questions.

View and support live fundraisers

Apply the unique code associated with the logos below in your shopping cart to receive 30% off, free shipping on the corresponding pack specials, and most importantly, support a great cause!
*there are currently no active fundraisers

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Wine Fundraiser FAQ's

Can our patrons only order online from the website?

There are two possible methods of ordering for your fundraiser. The main one being online through our website fundraiser page, and the second option being through a printable order form for your patrons to fill out and you to scan to us.

What do we have to do?

All you have to do is promote the fundraiser to your channels and within your fundraising business.

What does Brokenwood provide us with?

We provide you with a unique coupon code to distribute, which must be used to access the discounted wines, free freight, and will then be used to calculate your fundraiser rebate. Brokenwood will also provide you with a poster, digital banner for email, social media tile as the campaign is based online, and look after the processing and shipping of all orders from the winery.

Will we get notified if people purchase using our code?

You will not get a direct notification every time someone has purchased, however we do send the fundraiser contact through updates on how many people have purchased throughout the campaign.