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29 March 2023 | Cellar Door, Tourism | Brokenwood Wines

Experience the Luxury of Private Wine Tours in the Hunter Valley

Private tour of the Brokenwood Wines barrel room

Glide out of the big city and breathe in the fresh Wine Country air as you enter the gently rolling hills of the Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s premier wine regions and a locale steeped in rich history.

If you're planning a trip to this region, you're in for a treat. The Hunter Valley is a paradise for wine lovers and foodies alike, offering a variety of wineries, vineyards, and Cellar Doors to explore. One of the best ways to experience the thriving heart of the Hunter? A private wine tasting and tour.

Private wine tours in the Hunter Valley are some of the most unique ways to experience the region’s wines and winemaking history. Aside from the luxurious VIP treatment, there are several key reasons why a private wine tasting and tour can offer you so much more than a simple visit. Here, we explore what private wine tours are, why they're unique in this region, and how to elevate your luxurious Hunter Valley visit.

What Are Private Hunter Valley Tours?

Private wine tours are exactly what they sound like: a private, customisable tour of the Hunter Valley's wineries, vineyards, and Cellar Doors. These tours are designed to give you a personalised experience tailored to your tastes and preferences. 

Luxury Hunter Valley wine tours are a great option if you want to avoid the crowds and have a more intimate wine-tasting experience. You can go at your own pace, enjoy the intimacy of a private event, and customise your tour with the winery staff.

Like most of the wonderful Cellar Doors in our own Pokolbin area, Brokenwood is brimful of rich tradition. Our winery and our people sparkle with knowledge of both land and wine. The many experienced staff here at Brokenwood welcome guests with open arms, and to those who have spent time at our beloved Cellar Door, you’ll understand what we mean when we say you become part of the Brokenwood family, no matter how long or short your stay.

But why stop at a casual visit? Immerse yourself in the true culture of Brokenwood, one of the Hunter Valley’s leading wineries, and get a taste of the exciting behind-the-scenes activity that makes our winery so unique.

Brokenwood barrels

Beyond the Barrel: Brokenwood’s Private Tours

One of the unique features of private wine tours in the Hunter Valley is the access to exclusive experiences. Go behind the barrel and step into the grass roots action of the winemakers and staff as they offer a glimpse into their methods, techniques and deep knowledge of the industry. 

These immersive behind-the-scenes tours are only available to private groups, and there’s no better way to lap up the luxury of Wine Country than with Brokenwood’s exclusive guided tasting and tour experiences.


Indulge your senses with this in-depth and personalised exploration of our winery. Journey is a two-hour luxury Hunter Valley wine tour that allows you a glimpse into the art of our winemaking process.

Discover Brokenwood Wines from grape to glass as you venture into our Cellar Door and winemaking history, get to know the people behind the barrels, and get a taste of their unique insights and winemaking techniques. 

This fabulous tour includes a guided food and wine flight in our private tasting rooms, a personalised walk through our famous Graveyard Vineyard, and a pre-release wine tasting straight from the barrel.

Perfect for every wine enthusiast, Journey is the ultimate private wine tasting in the Hunter Valley for those wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of wine.

Cost: $125 per person
Duration: 2 hours
When: 11am daily
Book now

Soil to Cellar

Roll out the red carpet for one of the most exclusive private wine tours Hunter Valley style. A deliciously intimate tasting and tour experience, Soil to Cellar invites you into a cosy VIP journey through the vineyard, winery and barrel room.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through our Cellar Door and gain exclusive access to one of Australia’s most iconic vineyards while immersing yourself in the rich history embedded in our walls and soil. The crowning jewel of this ultimate Brokenwood Wines experience is the guided tasting and pairing of our flagship Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz, which is this year set to release its new 2021 vintage. 

Sitting in the top echelon of Australian wine and consistently recognised as the best single site Shiraz in New South Wales, our Graveyard Shiraz is a sensory adventure that is truly unmatched by anything else. 

Unlock this exclusive private wine and tasting tour for the top tier luxury Hunter Valley visit.

Cost: $1,320 per person
Duration: 4 hours (11am-3pm)
Group size: 2-6 guests
When: Tours on request
Book now or via 

Hunter Valley scenery

Elevate Your Visit to Wine Country

Private wine tours aren't the only way to elevate your Hunter Valley visit. Seeing as you’re venturing out to Wine Country, a lush expanse of vineyards and Cellar Doors brimming with great wine and good food, why not make the most of it?

Slide into the life of luxury with these other fabulous private Hunter Valley tours and dining experiences.

Private Helicopter Tours

For a truly luxurious experience, you can take a private helicopter tour of the region. Imagine soaring over the picturesque landscape, taking in panoramic views of the vineyards and rolling hills. This is a great option if you want to see as much of the region as possible in a short amount of time, or if you’re simply keen to boast about the unparalleled experience of soaring with the clouds in your own private helicopter.

There are several private helicopter tour companies in the region, including Hunter Valley Helicopters and Aero Logistics.

Hunter Valley Tesla Tours 

If you prefer to stay grounded, you can take a Hunter Valley Tesla tour. This eco-friendly tour is not only a fun and unique way to explore the region, but it's also a sustainable choice. You'll be driven around in a state-of-the-art Tesla Model S, which produces zero emissions. Plus, the car's sleek and stylish design is sure to turn heads.

Hunter Tesla Tours are locally owned and operated, and offer a truly unique personalised experience. Led by Leigh Watson, a born and bred Hunter local, Hunter Tesla Tours includes so much more than just a chauffeured drive through the rolling hills. Learn about various wineries you pass, what’s growing well in the surrounding vineyards, and where to find the best charcuterie board in Pokolbin (hint: it’s under our roof).

Cruise back into our Cellar Door in time for your private wine tasting in the Hunter Valley tour while your Tesla recharges at our own private charging station, easily accessible through the main gates. Talk about a luxurious ride!

Luxury Dinner at The Wood Restaurant

Finally, luxury Hunter Valley wine tours simply wouldn’t be complete without a dining experience at The Wood Restaurant. Put your newfound wine knowledge to the test as you allow our kitchen staff and sommeliers to treat you to some of the region’s finest local and seasonal produce. 

Designed and curated by Head Chef Sean Townsend, each handcrafted dish at The Wood is perfectly paired with a menu of Brokenwood’s best wines. Along with the flavour profiles of these wines, Sean bases his dishes around the best in-season produce from our local growers and farmers. Delicately paired with freshly cut herbs and vegetables from our own on-site Chef’s Gardens and laced with exquisite French-inspired cooking techniques, this is one luxury dining experience that is sure to elevate all private Hunter Valley tours.

Private wine tasting in the barrel room

Book Your Luxury Wine Tour at Brokenwood Wines

If you're a wine enthusiast or luxury foodie, private wine tours in the Hunter Valley are a must-do. Be inspired by a behind-the-scenes tour, indulge in exclusive tastings, avoid the crowds and soak in an unbeatable personalised experience of one of Australia’s finest Wine Countries.

Browse our Cellar Door tasting and tour experiences and book your next visit on our website. 

Have a query about your group’s booking? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff. See you at the Hunter soon!



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