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25 March 2023 | Brokenwood Wines

Brokenwood donates $25,000 to HMRI’s Multiple Sclerosis research

Brokenwood has donated $25,000 to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research because of a personal connection to the disease, with three staff being diagnosed with MS.

“We chose to work with the researchers and scientists at HMRI as they’re not only local, they’re also globally recognised leaders in their field. We believe that by donating, we can assist the HMRI team to continue to work on ways to unlock the cause of MS and work towards a cure" - Geoff Krieger, Brokenwood CEO. 

The funds will go towards research being conducted by Professor Jeannette Lechner-Scott, a specialist MS neurologist based at John Hunter Hospital and HMRI.

Read the full story here

Learn more about our partnership with HMRI. 


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