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Lauretta Parker
24 August 2022 | Awards and Accolades | Lauretta Parker

Brokenwood Cellar Hand, Hayden Tinkler is Awarded Viticulture Scholarship

Brokenwood Cellar Hand, Hayden Tinkler was the proud recipient of the 2022 Tyrrell Family Advanced Viticulture Scholarship. 

Hayden will attend an intensive four-day course with the Australian Wine Research Institute exploring the latest techniques and technologies in viticulture. Travelling across a number of South Australian regions, he is set to visit sites and meet practitioners who are at the cutting-edge of Australian viticulture.

The course is designed for viticulturists with an interest in innovation and is limited to a maximum of 20 participants to ensure a concentrated and interactive learning experience.

“Viticulture is the foundation of everything, and one of the most challenging things we face in the Hunter Valley. Having access to industry leaders who are at the forefront of innovation and research is invaluable" says Hayden.

Congratulations Hayden!


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