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25 December 2022 | Wine Club | Brokenwood Wines

5 Reasons to Join a Wine Club This Year


It’s a warm, relaxed evening. You sit down to dinner with friends. A few plates of nibbles make the rounds, and then someone brings out the greatest selection of wine you’ve ever seen.

My friends must be secret wine connoisseurs! You think. After a few sips of a particularly delicious Chardonnay, you ask them how they came into such wine wealth.

‘We’re in a wine club, of course,’ they reply with a wink. ‘Best thing we ever did.’

You give what you hope is a knowing nod and make a mental note to sign up for your own wine club as soon as you get home.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about the wonders of wine clubs, let’s shed some light on the top 5 reasons to join a wine club - and why becoming a member of a Brokenwood wine club is the best decision you’ll make this year.


Broaden Your Palate

Unlike standard wine subscriptions, wine clubs are not only about stocking your cellar - though this does come in handy during busy entertaining periods like Christmas and New Year’s. 

Wine clubs allow you to broaden your palate and get a deeper understanding of which notes and flavour profiles you like best. They unlock the world of wine, make it more accessible and easier to navigate, and open up so many possibilities for new varieties to try.

There’s a lot of lingo in Wine Country, which may seem overwhelming to a wine novice at first. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Being a member of a Brokenwood wine club gives you access to easy-to-follow information and great insights from our winemakers. 

Bit by bit, you’ll learn which regions, vineyards and varieties take your fancy. You’ll know what to look for in a tasting profile and gravitate towards certain vintages over others. In short, you’ll develop a more sophisticated appreciation for wine and the winemaking process that enhances your overall experience and enjoyment - which is exactly how it should be!

Each of our Brokenwood wine clubs offer different packs delivered straight to your door throughout the year. You have the freedom to choose your wines, and you can find tasting notes, lists of awards and winemakers’ comments on our website to help you decide.

Our friendly team is always more than happy to impart their wine knowledge to our valued club members. Once you’ve signed up to your chosen club, reach out to us for some advice on which wines to start with.


Unlock Exclusive Access

We like to imagine our wine clubs as keys to our Cellar Door. They unlock exclusive access to a fabulous behind-the-scenes world of winemaking, viticulture, history and events that not everyone gets to experience. 

As a Brokenwood wine club member, you’ll be invited to fabulous events throughout the year like new vintage release parties, food and wine masterclasses and private wine tours and tastings. 

Become an honorary viticulturist for a day with Cru Club’s ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ lunch, a riotous day of revelry through our vineyards and Cellar Door that allows you to (quite literally) get your hands dirty! After picking your own grapes, you and the Cru embark on a fabulously messy grape-stomping before sitting down to a delicious private lunch with the fruits of your labour.

Single Vineyard Club members receive VIP invites to our annual Graveyard Lunch. An age-old tradition instigated during the very first days of our Cellar Door in 1970, the Graveyard Lunch pays homage to our iconic Graveyard Vineyard and brings together the Brokenwood family in one glorious and deliciously lazy lunch. Mingle with club members old and new, taste aged and limited release vintages, and be served by our very own staff and shareholders. 

Attendance at our Graveyard Lunch is one of the crowning jewels of the Single Vineyard Club. It’s a rare chance to step back into our history and immerse yourself in the grass roots of Brokenwood. Reserved for Single Vineyard Club members, this long-standing annual tradition is the perfect celebration of great wine, good food and magical stories of our Hunter Valley home.


Delightful Discounts

Obvious, yet oh-so-delightful: one of the best parts about joining a wine club is, of course, the discounts! 

We value your value for money, which is why special offers and generous discounts are paramount for each of our wine clubs. 

Cru Club members enjoy a 12.5% discount, Single Vineyard Club members enjoy a 17.5% discount, and Corporate Club members receive up to 35% off mixed packs. No matter which club you join, you’ll also receive many more special offers throughout the year, so keep an eye out for these tasty tidbits when you sign up.

We believe that joining a wine club should be hassle-free and full of possibility, which is why we’ve eliminated joining fees. Simply choose the best club for you, select the required number of wines to qualify, and sit back while we deliver them straight to your door free of charge.


Corporate Conveniences

What’s a great way to incentivise the office? With its very own corporate wine club membership, of course! 

One of the only Australian wine clubs of its kind, our Corporate Club is designed to streamline supplies for office events while providing unique team building opportunities - because who doesn’t love bonding over a glass of their favourite vintage?

Along with a range of tantalising discounts and delicious mixed wines, Corporate Club members receive one exclusive in-office wine tasting per year. Hosted by a member of the Brokenwood Cru, you and your colleagues will be guided through a vibrant yet relaxed wine tasting experience right from the comfort of the office. Perfect for annual meetings, events, festive gatherings or simply as a bonus team-building exercise, this is one opportunity not to be missed!

Take the stress out of bulk wine purchases and treat your staff to something they’ll enjoy all year-round. 


A Sense of Community

One of the best parts about joining our wine clubs is that you truly become part of the Brokenwood family. With a history dating back to the 1970s, we’ve proudly cultivated a tight-knit yet warmly welcoming community that cherishes a passion for great wine and that knows how to have fun.

When attending exclusive winery events or simply paying a visit to our Cellar Door, you’re guaranteed a prime seat at the Brokenwood table. The camaraderie and passion inherent in our wine clubs is infectious, and many of our club members have met life-long friends through their Brokenwood bond.

As a member of a Brokenwood wine club, you’ll also become part of the Hunter Valley culture. There’s something unique about our beloved Wine Country that seeps into the rolling hills and vibrant vineyards. We support our local farmers and foodies, collaborate with neighbouring Cellar Doors and always lend a hand to a Hunter native when they need it.

Whether you live close by or out of state, you’re an instant member of the family when you join a Brokenwood wine club.

Bonus: you’re guaranteed to get full attendance at the annual budget meeting when there’s a bountiful supply of Brokenwood wines on hand.


Ready to Join a Brokenwood Wine Club?

Now that we’ve convinced you of all the benefits involved, you’re probably wondering how to join a wine club and which is best for you. Check out our three club offerings below and what’s involved in each.

Cru Club

Exclusivity meets fun with our most popular wine club. Cru Club offers members a range of fabulous benefits that don’t stop at wine on your doorstep. From complimentary Cellar Door tastings to special event invites, Cru Club is perfect for those who love wine and love to have fun.

Cru Club members can enjoy:

  • Member’s price match guarantee
  • Exclusive event invitations
  • Complimentary Cellar Door tastings
  • Opportunity to attend our annual ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ lunch
  • 12.5% discount + FREE shipping

Simply purchase a minimum of 2 dozen varietal wines per year to join the cru.

Sign up for our Cru Club online now.

Single Vineyard Club

Want the ultimate Brokenwood VIP experience? Take a seat at the head of the table in our gold class Single Vineyard Club. With ongoing VIP benefits, invites to all Brokenwood events at Cellar Door and the Sydney surrounds, as well as access to limited release vintages, this is every wine aficionado’s dream.

Single Vineyard Club members can enjoy:

  • Limited wine releases with priority availability
  • Invitations to all exclusive events
  • Access to our Member’s lounge, VIP winery tours and private tastings
  • Opportunity to attend our annual Graveyard Lunch
  • 17.5% discount + FREE shipping

Simply purchase a minimum of 3 dozen single vineyard wines per year for membership.

Sign up for our Single Vineyard Club online now.

Corporate Club

Our Corporate Club is a unique offering for companies to indulge in the finer things while building their community as a team (and saving a few company dimes on those extravagant packs of wine). Let us tell you, this membership comes in very handy for office Christmas parties!

Corporate Club members can enjoy:

  • One complimentary in-office team building wine tasting per year
  • Exclusive event invitations
  • Quarterly packs delivered to the office
  • Discounts on supply for events or corporate gifts
  • Ongoing discounts for the company and staff
  • Up to 35% discount on mixed packs + FREE shipping

Simply purchase a minimum of 2 dozen mixed wines per quarter for the best office wine membership in Australia.

Sign up to our Corporate Club online now.

Next time you’re hosting your own dinner party and someone asks, ‘Why join a wine club?’ you’ll be well equipped to provide all the best answers - that is, if showcasing your fabulous selection of wines doesn’t do the trick!

Sign up online to a Brokenwood wine club. You can also download a membership form for Cru Club or Sine Vineyard Club and send it directly to us at

Have a question about our wine clubs? Visit the FAQ page to check out some frequent queries.


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