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3 April 2023 | Wine Club | Brokenwood Wines

3 Things You Can Only Get in the Best Australian Wine Club

Wine Club members at a Brokenwood Wines event

Are you a member of a wine club? Perhaps you enjoy the perks of those ever-tasty discounts, or the ease of having each month’s wine selection chosen and ready to stock your bar fridge. There’s so much to love about Australia wine subscription services, but what’s the best wine club available?

We feel the answer lies beyond the delicious discounts, complimentary tastings and hassle-free deliveries. The best Australian wine club will offer its members something more, something exciting and adventurous and steeped in camaraderie. We might be biased, but we believe that our Brokenwood wine clubs include these magic ingredients. Our wine club members get all the benefits of those tantalising discounts with plenty of added Cellar Door bonuses, and that’s exactly what makes them so great!

So what are these mysterious magic ingredients included in a Brokenwood wine club? Here are three key things you’ll unlock when you join the best wine club Australia has to offer.

Get Your Hands Dirty Lunch at Brokenwood Wines

Invite-Only Access to the Best Wine Events

Throughout the Hunter Valley, there’s no shortage of wine tastings, Cellar Door tours and live music events on offer year-round. What most people don’t get access to, however, are the string of exclusive Australia wine club events held here at Brokenwood Wines. 

These invite-only events are a major plus to joining one of our memberships. Each Brokenwood wine club offers access to different events during the year, so have a browse through three of our most popular wine events to decide which is best for you.

Get Your Hands Dirty Lunch

Experience the life of a viticulturist with our Cru Club’s annual ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ Lunch. This exciting day is full of laughter and fun as you explore our vineyards and Cellar Door, and literally get your hands (and clothes) dirty.

Together with the Cru group, you’ll participate in a lively grape-stomping, making a fabulous mess and creating unforgettable memories. Finally, you'll be treated to a scrumptious private lunch featuring fresh local produce and top tier seasonal wines.

This is perhaps one of the most unique and memorable experiences on offer at Brokenwood, and one that makes our Cru Club one of the best Australian wine subscription services on offer. Connect with the land and appreciate the hard work that goes into making our exceptional wine while forming lifelong friendships with your crew.

Graveyard Lunch

Our Single Vineyard Club (SVC) is undeniably one of the best Australian wine clubs available, thanks to exclusive benefits like the annual Graveyard Lunch. As a Single Vineyard Club member, you'll receive VIP invites to this time-honoured event, which dates back to the very beginnings of our Cellar Door in 1970 and still attracts some of the old hands every year.

The Graveyard Lunch is a tribute to our iconic Graveyard Vineyard and serves as a gathering of the Brokenwood family for a glorious and leisurely meal. It's an opportunity to mingle with both new and longtime club members, savour aged and limited release vintages, and even be served by our own shareholders as they jovially take the reins and let the waitstaff relax for a while.

Attendance at our Graveyard Lunch is the ultimate perk of being a member of the Single Vineyard Club. This longstanding tradition is reserved exclusively for club members and offers a rare chance to delve into our history and immerse yourself in the essence of Brokenwood. You'll celebrate exceptional wine, enjoy delicious food, and hear magical stories of our beloved Hunter Valley home. 

Another reason to join SVC this year and attend the next Graveyard Lunch is the imminent release of our long anticipated 2021 Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz. SVC Club members will be among the first to see and taste the Shiraz, and will contribute to creating yet another crowning piece of Brokenwood Wines history.

Rosato Partito Events

Brokenwood's annual Rosato Partito Luncheons are some of our most highly anticipated wine events, and we're thrilled to announce their return in 2023. Invites to these dazzling events are extended to our valued wine club members along with lots of exciting special guests.

If you’re interstate and unable to travel to the Hunter, there’s even a chance for you to join in the fun. In response to the popularity of last year’s Cellar Door event, we hosted additional luncheons in Sydney and Brisbane. Both events featured delectable cuisine, plenty of chilled Rosato, specialty rosé cocktails, and live entertainment.

This year, we're excited to showcase a new and delicious vintage of our renowned Rosato at these events. Join us for a day filled with guest speakers, opportunities to chat with our winemakers and staff, and a celebration of another fabulous Rosato with fellow wine club members and special guests. Rosato Partito is yet another top reason why Brokenwood houses the best wine club Australia wide.

The First Taste of Limited Wine Releases

We're always inclusive at Brokenwood, but we also can't pass up the chance to indulge our valued wine club members. Join our Single Vineyard Club and gain first access to limited release wines and newly released vintages. It's like being part of an exclusive club where you get first dibs on all the good stuff!

We know that our wine club members appreciate quality and craftsmanship, and that's what we aim to deliver with each and every bottle we produce. Our limited release wines are no exception. These are the wines that our winemakers have been nurturing and perfecting for years, and we want our SVC Club members to be among the first to experience them. 

Take our 2020 Rayner Vineyard Shiraz, for instance. This iconic Single Vineyard wine harvested from the lush McLaren Vale vineyard in South Australia is only available to SVC Club members. Made with grapes planted in the early 1990s and laced with a palate of plum, vanillin oak and dark chocolate, this is one vintage you’ll be glad you gained access to as part of your exclusive wine club benefits.

By joining our Single Vineyard Club, arguably one of the best Australian wine clubs, you'll get access to wines that are not available anywhere else. Talk about adding a little bit of fancy with your wine subscription!

Winemaker Kate Sturgess and guests at a Rosato Partito event

A Lifelong Seat at the Brokenwood Table

Finally, a Brokenwood wine club membership offers something so invaluable it's difficult to put it into words. The feeling of community is an inevitable outcome when you join one of our wine clubs. Whether you're attending a special VIP event or simply paying a visit to our Cellar Door on the weekend, every one of our wine club members is always guaranteed a seat at the Brokenwood family table.

Our winery has a rich history dating back to the 1970s, and we take pride in fostering a close-knit community that shares a love of exceptional wine and knows how to have a good time. This feeling of friendship and camaraderie extends now to our valued wine club members, and from the moment you set foot in our Cellar Door, you'll instantly fall back into that vibrant family gathering feeling. 

But you'll not only join the Brokenwood family. Being a member of our wine clubs also means becoming part of the Hunter Valley culture, a unique and beloved Wine Country that permeates the region's lush hills and thriving vineyards. 

We support local farmers and foodies, collaborate with neighbouring Cellar Doors, and are always ready to assist our Hunter Valley community members in need. It's an incredibly special community to be part of, and as a wine club member, you'll discover so much more about our beautiful region than ever before.

Whether you're a local resident or from out of state, you'll be instantly welcomed into the Brokenwood family upon joining a wine club. Now that’s something you certainly can’t get with a standard Australian wine club!

Join the Best Australian Wine Club

Have we convinced you yet? The greatest Hunter Valley experiences await you at Brokenwood, and they’re all just a few clicks away. Whether you join Cru Club, Single Vineyard Club or our office-friendly Corporate Club, there’s something for everyone with a Brokenwood wine club membership.

Sign up to your chosen Australia wine club service and unlock these exclusive member benefits today. We’ll save you a seat at our table. See you soon!



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