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Nathan Hughes
National & Export Sales Manager

Nathan Hughes is a seasoned professional with an unwavering dedication to the world of wine. Hailing from the renowned Hunter Valley, Nathan's journey in winemaking began straight out of school, igniting a lifelong passion that has taken him on a remarkable career path across Australia and Europe.

His formative years were spent refining his craft in various roles within Hunter Valley restaurants and wineries, where he developed a profound curiosity for the intricacies of winemaking. Eager to deepen his understanding, Nathan ventured to Europe, where he managed and served as a sommelier for esteemed hotels and restaurants in England, broadening his perspective on the global wine landscape.

Returning to Australia, Nathan brought a wealth of experience and insights, which he applied to curate exceptional wine lists for top-tier restaurants in the Hunter Valley. However, his journey didn't stop there. Driven to delve deeper into winemaking, he joined Brokenwood in 2010 as a Vintage Cellar Hand before becoming Assistant Winemaker at Best's Great Western.

In 2014, Nathan assumed the role of Brand Ambassador at Brokenwood, leveraging his expertise to expand the brand's local and international presence. Subsequent roles as Sales & Marketing Manager at Willunga 100 in South Australia and Regional Export Manager at Angove Family Winemakers underscored his versatility and strategic acumen.

A testament to his enduring connection to Brokenwood, Nathan returned to the fold in 2021 as National & Export Sales Manager. Nathan leads a dedicated team in this capacity, leveraging his wealth of experience and strategic acumen to drive sales growth and expand Brokenwood's global footprint. 

Nathan's commitment to excellence and his unwavering passion for the wine industry make him an invaluable asset to Brokenwood and its Management team, where his insights and leadership continue to drive the company's success.