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Lark Single Malt Whisky Finished in Brokenwood Graveyard Shiraz Casks 

100ml lark

Limited Release Whisky 

The masterfully crafted single malt whisky from  Coal River Valley Tasmania has met its perfect match in two incredible Graveyard Shiraz finishing casks, sourced from the highly acclaimed Brokenwood Wines in the foothills of the Hunter Valley. 

The whisky is the third released as part of the Lark 'Rare Cask' series.  Stuart and Chris have built a unique collaborative partnership which reflects excellence with this perfectly combined whisky. 

There are only 505 packs available to purchase  each pack comes with a complimentary 100ml bottle so you can taste at your leisure and keep your 700ml bottle to mature further.


Tasting Notes 

lark 700mlNose

An initial sweet fruity hit of blood plums and fresh mulberries give way to an intoxicating cocktail of allspice, cardamom, earth, black pepper and cinnamon. Seville orange marmalade, fruit mince pies and a hint of Dutch liquorice weave an incredibly complex web of fruit, spice, and all things nice.

bill and Chris


Following a big bite of sweet red apple there’s a hint of honey and eucalypt. Light brown sugar, almonds, dried ginger & cinnamon.

lark whisky


Green peppercorns, eucalypt, hint of dark chocolate, orange oil. Oak and wine tannin give this whisky a dry yet refined finish. A fruity punch of Shiraz and the intoxicating complexity of a freshly opened spice drawer.