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Single Vineyard Chardonnay Trio

Single Vineyard Chardonnay Trio

One bottle of each:

2015 Maxwell Vineyard Chardonnay, Hunter Valley NSW
The Maxwell Vineyard was planted in the early 70s and has supplied great Semillon to Brokenwood for many years. We get many enquiries about our Graveyard Vineyard Chardonnay, which was last made in 2004, so we thought it was time to return to a Hunter Chardonnay. 

2012 IV-BC76 Chardonnay, Beechworth VIC
There was no 2011 IV-BC76 Chardonnay due to rain; the vintage 2012 was trouble-free. A sister wine to our very successful 2012 Indigo Vineyard Chardonnay, our winemakers decided that this wine carried just a bit more complexity, hence the separate bottling.

2017 Indigo Vineyard Chardonnay, Beechworth VIC
Our Beechworth neighbour Rick Kinzbrunner from Giaconda has had immense success with his Beechworth Chardonnay, highlighting the great quality of this region.
The Indigo property has different soils, aspects, clones and vine ages, but it is another excellent example of what this region can do for Chardonnay. We have minimum winemaker input to let the regional characteristics shine through.


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