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Brokenwood Wines


Committed To Environmental Sustainability

Brokenwood Wines is committed to environmental sustainability. We strive to balance our economic and operational requirements with our social responsibilities to minimise impact on the environment and surrounding community. Continual improvement in environment performance is a key element of our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

Environmental Policy [PDF]

Australian Packaging Covenant
Smarter Packaging, Less Waste, Cleaner Environment

Brokenwood Wines is proud to be a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant, a unique initiative between government, industry and community groups, set up to divert packaging waste from landfill.

By signing the Covenant we commit to finding improved environmental outcomes for packaging.

As a brand owner, Brokenwood Wines is committed to minimising the environmental impact of packaging by supporting the Australian Packaging Covenant and maintaining compliance with the ‘Sustainable Packaging Guidelines’.

We are committed to consult with all stakeholders to achieve a positive outcome, reduction in packaging and waste and a better understanding of our impact on the environment.

APC Certificate of Registration [PDF]

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