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The Cru

Chief Winemaker / Managing Director

Iain Riggs - ILR / View Profile

Iain Riggs, Managing Director, Chief Winemaker and part owner of Brokenwood, has taken Brokenwood from a small 'hobby' winery and into the national and international arena .... read more

Senior Winemaker

Simon Steele - Steely / View Profile

Simon Steele, our Senior Winemaker has always had the passion for making fine wine ... In 2011, when the opportunity arrived to re-join the team at Brokenwood after a 9 year hiatus, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands .... read more


Stuart Hordern - Stu / View Profile

A local boy and proud advocate of the Hunter Valley, Stuart has winemaking in his blood, and has been working on the family vineyard since he was old enough to drive a tractor .... read more

Vineyard Manager

Keith Barry - KB / View Profile

One of the Hunter Valley's great viticulturalists (and colourful characters), Keith Barry has been in charge of the Graveyard Vineyard and Cricket Pitch vines since the early 1990s and actually helped plant the Graveyard as a lad in 1968, 44 years ago .... read more

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